Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Milan: Day 4 and Day 5

Hey guys so day 4 and we are up and ready to try and get into the shows again. But first i want to get my Alexander McQueen scarf I MUST HAVE IT!

Yay got my scarf now we are trying to find the other girls and try and get into some shows feels like we have been walking for ages :(.......ok so we have been walking down this long road for like 45mins omg and we still cant find them.

ok so we finally found everyone and we managed to get into this preview/after party show not sure what that is but at least we got into something while we where here :) so we are quickly going to get something to eat and head back to the hotel to get ready and find this place going to be a mad rush but should be fun.

Ok so i thought i would do a joint day blog thingy please note i am writing this with the worst hangover ever feel like i am going to die. So last night was amazing word can not describe how good it was but here goes: so after getting ready and nearly missing the tram back into town we then had to get a taxi to this place i can not remember what it was called sorry :( we walked through this massive arch way and there was all these people queuing so we were like i guess this is the place (in my mind i just kept thinking please let us in please let us in) we go up to the guys on the door and the guy dressed in black (the bouncer) looks really scary but the other guy (who looks very fashionable) standing with a clip board, it all sort of happened in slow motion the moment he let us in lol. There was a red carpet and everything and a photographer taking photos as we walked down it, we walked into this dark room with really loud music. theres theses manikins on display with outfits from this new designer Sergei Grinko (i think) they were all dotted around in every room. There where so many people there we were all so nervous, but we got a free glass of champagne so we seemed to relax after that. I suggested that we split up for a bit (we looked a bit out of place huddled together in a group) so i took the opportunity to get some photos and film some stuff going on. I managed to get some great shoots but was so dark in there that the photos didn't come out very well (even with my flash on) but yer i managed to stalk some people as well (lol only for what they where wearing). But yer after that i found out that the venue had a free vodka cocktail bar, yer lets just say i got a little bit to drunk (not doing that again) but in the process i managed to meet two freelance photographers and a freelance make-up artist. Even though i'm paying for it now i have a fab time and don't regret it.

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