Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Milan: Day 2


Cathedral Door


Outside the Cathedral

Lighting a candle 
Inside the Cathedral

The All Seeing Eye

Inside the Cathedral

Cathedral again

Inside the galleria


Inside the galleria
The Golden Quarter

Cathedral Entrance
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 Hey guys well its a beautiful morning in Milan the sun is shining not that hot though but its better than yesterday. So today we are heading into the center of Milan to check out the duomo cathedral and the galleria (it has loads of designer shops in it). So as we get off the tram right behind us there is this epic castle (called castello sforzesco) i love castles never been to one but they look amazing think we are going to see that Wednesday or Thursday i think? lol. We head up this long strip of shops mainly high street (some iv never seen before) we did check out a few of them but didn't find anything interesting i had seen it all before nothing different from what i have seen in London or in my local shopping mall. It was a far walk to get to the cathedral but on the plus side the galleria was right next to it there is loads of shops all around as well. There was loads of people around the cathedral there's a massive square with steps leading up to it. There was like army guys or guards but they were dressed in all camouflage stuff and had guns! There was loads of other guards around but they all had different uniforms on but still all had guns (scary but so cool lol) so yer the guards told us that we weren't allowed to use our flash on our cameras so my pics didn't come out that great (check them out). Churches and cathedrals usually freak me out, i don't know i feel uncertain in thema  like something will happen which is weird because there like a religious safe house lol, but anyways its was stunning the detail in this cathedral was unreal i did find a symbol which i recognized as the all seeing eye (pic) very interesting. I did light a candle for my family members that have passed on then i got all upset and left :(. We headed on to the galleria which was right next to the cathedral, i didn't realize how high the building was till i was standing right in the middle of it, they had a few designer shops gucci, prada and louis vuitton (i thought there would be more) and we did see this man and woman dresses up as super mario bros and we got our picture taken with then (how sad are we). We all had a look around the designer shops so nice in there but i think the staff could tell we didn't have the money to spend lol. we were all a bit disappointed with the shops in the galleria so we heard that there were more in a place called the golden quarter (i don't think that's what the Italians call it). Was confusing to get there quite a lot of twists and turns felt like we were walking for ages before we found some designer shops and Alexander McQueen (i love him hes one of my idols) i really want one of his skull print scarfs.   

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