Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Milan: Day 1

Buon Giorno from Milan, Omg I only had 3 hours sleep was so excited, but what a long journey after the flight we had to get a coach to the city centre. We then had to get the tram so we went to this little shop to buy the tram tickets and this rude man ripped off my friend out of €5 euros and when we disputed it he was so horrible (always check your change the locals don't seem to like tourist very much) so we get on this old school tram and have 17 stops to go, as we are going through Milan I feel like I'm in the getto there is all this graphite everywhere and loads of shops are closed (what's up with that?) we are staying in a small town just outside the city centre it's quite nice and the locals seem friendly theres nice restaurants too. We found a local supermarket and got some bits only a 10 min walk, so after a little nap we decided to go get something to eat (pizza of cause) from this really nice little restaurant called 2 fratelli so nice check it out if you stay in Milan. 
so crazy first day lets hope tomorrow is a better day.
The Best Pizza in Town From: 2 Fratelli

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