Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Milan: Day 3

My Italian hot chocolate yummy 

Hey guys so its another beautiful day in Milan, we just stopped for a coffee (but i don't drink coffee so i had this lush hot chocolate) we are gonna attempt to get into so shows today its really early at the moment and they don't start till around 3pm i think. so we headed back up towards the cathedral, and just before it there is Schwarzkopf (it wasn't a shop because it was in the middle of the street so i don't know) and they were styling peoples hair for free so me and the girls jumped at the chance. some of the other girls got there make-up done (they had some make-up brand that i have never heard of) i didnt get my make-up done but some of the other girls did. Anyway so we killed a couple of hours doing that, now we are just heading back down to the other end of town to the castle (that's were the some of the shows are today). Omg the castle is amazing the court yard is huge, there's a massive white show tent to the left. so we all get together and try and figure out how we are gonna get into the show (seen as wee couldn't get tickets because you have to be invited) It's nothing like London believe me, in London you que nicely any funny business and security will kick you out, but oh no Milan its all about the pushing and shoving. Everyone just keeps pushing we are like a huddled mass of people and i can hear people behind me shouting 'push push' not liking this situation.
OK so we had no luck getting in, i tried to get in on the fact that im a blogger (lol) but hey at least we tried. So we gonna head back down towards the cathedral theres a big screen where we can watch the shows so we are gonna run so we catch it in time ahhhh.

So i think thats enough running around for today we are gonna go back to the hotel and figure out what to do tonight.

So we though we would come back in to town after pizza and go to the fun fair only it wasn't on :( so we are just gonna wonder around the city look so beautiful at night (check out the pics below)    
my new hair style love it
some pics from the versus show 
back of my hair

this is a real man lol 
show tent 

castle fountain at night 

castle at night
Cathedral at night
ah i love this 

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