Sunday, 27 May 2012

Opposites Project: Fantasy and Reality - Shirt: finished and my thoughts

Hey guys check out my finished shirt now with all the added sequins. i love this shirt cant wait to wear it out (no really i'm going to wear it out) this shirt has probably taken the longest to make out of all of my garments. i haven't made a shirt in a while so i had forgotten (and i much prefer making dresses) but was really interesting to see how far i could push myself. the print on the cape took me a while even to develop it not just to print it. it is a mix if a butterfly and dragonfly wing. my favorite part of the shirt is the collar and the cuffs they took so long to do (i mean days) it looked so good on the catwalk with all the lights hitting it the sequins really sparkled (i know i use a lot of metallic's and everything that sparkles in my designs but i really them so whatever) i did kind of mess up the front of the shirt basically i did the button fastening wrong, i did it the men's way (but hey the project title was opposites so i'm just going to say i did it intentionally like that) other than that my shirt turned out just how i wanted it now all i need to do is find the right night to wear it :). 

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