Sunday, 27 May 2012

Olympic Jacket: Finished and my Thoughts

Hey guys here's my finished Olympic Jacket. i love it properly one of my most creative pieces this year, i really like how my jacket turned out was almost like my drawing. except the i couldnt get the bottom of the jacket to stay like a full circle i dont know why or how but i seemed to be just doing what ever shape it wanted. so after trying to fix it for a whole afternoon i decided to leave it how it was, and started to like it. the jacket is quite structured anyway so i really grew to like the waves in the bottom it gave it a real sense of movement (not that i was going for that look but hey i just went with it). i know the shape of my jacket is very costume like (but i don't care) the shape is loosely based on the luton carnival costumes, so its very dramatic but i wanted to catch peoples eyes (i hate designing stuff that doesn't have an impact on someone) hence why i chose red as the main colour (very bold and daring) the fabric i used was cotton organdie cost me a small fortune :( i then had to dye it red with Procyon dye (these are amazing the colours come out so beautiful) the gold represents the colour of the medals, gold is a rich colour anyway and can come across a bit cheap at times so i had to be really careful so it didnt turn out looking tacky. i couldn't find any gold fabric (well any that looked good) so my tutor gave me the idea of spray painting the fabric (perfect idea as i already had some gold spray paint) so i decided to just use calico as after i spray painted it you wouldn't see the fabric anyway. the colour came out really good apart from when i went to sew it and all the gold came off on my hands (as i said in my last blog). i heat pressed the colours on the rings as i wanted them to be really vibrant, but the red seemed to come out pink so yet again i had to spray paint them. was i nightmare to attach them on had to hand sew them on through 2 layers of fabric,2 layers of card and interfacing by the time i had finished the needle was all bent. but overall i love the way my jacket turned out best project of all.       

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