Friday, 18 May 2012

My End Of Year Fashion Show

hey guys, really quick update but i had my end of year fashion show last night. I was so nerves (not gonna lie i did have a drink before i went on the catwalk) my legs were shaking like a leaf i have never walked before but i had such a good time. After i had the first walk i was buzzing after, had a massive adrenaline rush (i must advise if anyone gets the chance to walk in a fashion show DO IT! its such a great experience). I model four garments in total (i know the pics are not great but there will be more soon just got to get them). we where all there from 10 in the morning till like 10 at night was such a long day (i feel like death today feel like i have a hangover but i didn't even go out lol) we did 2 practice runs before the real show i was like yer this is easy no probs. The  people started arriving and then i started get scared (ahhhhhh) i did mess up one of the walks tho but i dont think anyone noticed (thank god lol) i really enjoyed my self and i cant wait for next years show.

louisa modeling my opposites shirt  

louisa modeling my Olympic jacket 

me modeling avnita's jumpsuit 

me modeling avnita's jumpsuit

me modeling avnita's coat 
Erin modeling my skirt and headband 

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