Sunday, 27 May 2012

Accessories project: part 3 of 3: rose headband

Hey guys so the last part in my accessories project, this will be the final piece in the collection and the one that i hand in. all of the pieces are very personal to me and reflect my personalty (which is what the project is about) ever since i was little i mean like when i was crawling i was wearing hair accessories bows, headbands you name it i had it (and i still love wearing something in my hair now i'm more obsessed with flowers. one of my friends had shown me a really interesting way to fold fabric to make a rose or flower and i never forgot it. i hadn't seen this idea anywhere else (so i have no idea where she learnt it from) i decide to use it to make a headband, i knew i wanted to make a statement headband so he roses had to be really big so i cut the fabric quite wide and uneven to give it a bit of contrast. so to make the roses you need to have a long piece of fabric start at the middle and fold the fabric across and over each other, do this till you have a got near to the end of the fabric (you should have a 3d zig zag shape) then you need to rap the bottom of one of the ends around the other and pull the longer end through. you should be left with a rose shape just tie the two ends together and it should stay in place. i then sewed them to the headband and went over the edges with some glitter, just because i love anything that sparkles.           

dyed organdie fabric strips

Screen printing
final print

folding the fabric

fabric rose
almost finished

finished headband


  1. wow, that looks so lovely and elegant :) great idea and thanks for sharing!
    in btw you have a really nice blog, dear. keep up the great work :))


  2. the headband looks absolutely beautiful! ♥ xx

  3. This looks so good! such a great idea.

    Tanesha x