Sunday, 27 May 2012

Accessories project: part 1 of 3: Neacklace

Hey guys here's how i made my necklace as part of my accessories project, i bought this spiked headband in miss selfridge i knew i wasn't going to wear it as a headband but thought i could turn it into something else, so i started thinking of ideas and looking for inspiration, and i came up with the idea of putting some feathers and beads on it. i love feathers i have so many things with feathers on like bags and dreamcatches so i picked up some black feathers from a craft shop. had no idea how i was going to attach them to the necklace but i had loads of beads and jewellery making stuff so i thought i would be fine. with pliers i bent small pieces of wire to make a P like shape, i cut the tip of the feather down to size and then placed the wire into the top. i then rapped black thread around it to hold it in place (i had to put glue over a few of them to hold them better). i them use another metal ring to attach the feather to the necklace, i placed all of them in between each spike. i then used the back from a old necklace and attached it. i really like how the necklace was looking but i felt it needed something more. i had these Egyptian beads that my auntie had brought back for me a few years ago, i had been saving them for something special but hadn't come up with anything to use them for. so seen as i made this necklace and its very personal to me i thought it would be a perfect time to use them so i put the bead in the middle so you could really see it.    

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