Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Outfit Of The Day

Pic #1
Pic #2
So this is my first 'outfit of the day' post (never done on of theses before) I was just working but i like to look good, since we don't have a uniform i always go a bit OTT with my outfits. So as you can see in pic 1 and 2 i'm wearing a turban, and i actually go this a while ago but total forgot i had it. It's from ASOS i think it was like £6 or something silly like that (i always manage to fine accessories for cheep lol) but there really in this fall, but i haven't seen that many people wearing them :(, but i don't mind just makes me more individual. I dont think you can really see it in the other pics (my camera not that good) but i'm wearing one of those kimono batwing jackets (wow how bad is my fashion terminology) pics 3 and 4, it has cut out detail in the front left and right bottom corners and in them it has this gold glittery fabric and it matches the turban perfectly. I also added some necklaces, pic 5 and 6 the first shorter one is a vintage necklace that i got at a charity store (yes i will admit i do go in them you all need to try it there like a treasure chest of lush stuff) its like tear drop shape with a round white stone in it with a flower, i love it i wear it all the time. The other necklace is a horse pendent and it from Topshop i cant remember how much it was i got it ages ago but i love it. More OOTD post to come watch out!!!          

pic #3

pic #4



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