Sunday, 11 December 2011

Textiles: Screen Printing

I have done screen printing a few times so its not new to me. I used all my own hand drawn images and tried to keep it to the theme for my shirt project Fantasy and reality, I have angel wings, butterfly wings fish scales and fins (i know it doesn't make much senses the images that im using but it will). I didn't want the images to be perfect so i distorted them (but that did affect the final print on some of my samples). the samples on paper seemed to come out better than the ones on fabric (i don't know whether it was the fabrics i used?). I tried the puff binder on a black fabric and that seemed to work so well (could use black as my main shirt color?). I also tried the metallic paint on a sheer fabric but you could only see it when you held it up to the light (might not use that on my shirt). 

Paper samples
Puff Binder On Black Fabric


Sheer Fabric Sample


  1. I love screen printing, infact I love printing in general. You've get some great work up so far. I'm following your blog now, so looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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  2. Awh thanks babe, im following you now you blog is fab. watch out from monday im flying to milan for 5 days so i will be blogging all about it everyday thanks for the subscribing :)